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Many times parents of children with autism and/or ADD/ADHD do not believe there is a cure or even a viable treatment for their child's disorder. They resign themselves to a life caught up in multiple therapies, special diets, stress, and often disappointment. NAET gives those families a real option to enable their children to lead "normal"lives in a way they never thought possible. Where parents were once filled with frustration and doubt, there is now hope and real progress to look forward to.

Research has demonstrated that oftentimes allergies are the root cause of autism and attention deficit problems. These allergies result in nutritional deficiencies because the body is not able to digest, absorb, assimilate, and utilize essential nutrients properly. This in turn results in biological, neurological, and developmental problems that can last a lifetime. Environmental, chemical, and vaccine allergies can also delay and disrupt normal development.

Through Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique, or NAET, allergies can be identified and eliminated. The body begins to absorb nutrients successfully and developmental and behavioral problems begin to reverse. NAET uses no medications, injections, or any invasive methods, and once the child is clear of the offending allergens, they are clear permanently.

To learn more, Healing Arts Center recommends the following books by

Dr. Devi Nambudripad, the founder of NAET:

  • Say Goodbye to Allergy-Related Autism
  • Say Goodbye to ADD and ADHD
  • Say Goodbye to Allergies (also available on CD)

These books can be purchased at our office or through www.NAET.com.

There is also a special NAET website that has recently been added for autism care: www.naetautismtreatmentcenter.com.This website contains a very informative video featuring families of autistic children treated by NAET, as well as other helpful information.

Dr. Nambudripad has conducted many studies which reflect the success of NAET treatments. Her study focusing on autism has been published in the Oct/Nov 2011 issue of The Journal of Integrative Medicine. You may reference it via the website listed above.

In addition to NAET, Healing Arts offers modalities which can be a huge benefit in addressing the physiological and emotional effects of both Autism and ADHD. These include mental health/family counseling, Craniosacral therapy, Hypnotherapy, bioenergetic therapies, and homeopathy. These techniques each have multiple benefits, and none involve the use of medications.

You may also schedule a free half-hour consult at Healing Arts Center to meet with Dr. Kimberling and review treatment protocols in detail. Please feel free to contact us for any questions you may have.