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Fee Structure Healing Arts Center

General Office Visit with Dr. Renee $69.00   Therapeutic Massage  
N.A.E.T.     30, 45, 60, 90-minute
First Appointment* $99.00   Reflexology
(Plus $39 Bioscan and $15 Guidebook)     45 minutes $45.00
Subsequent Appointments $75.00   Reiki  
Two people from the same household $130.00   1/2 hour/1 hour $40/$70.00
Three people from the same household $186.00   Emotional Healing Session $69.00
Multi Vial NAET Treatment
  Foot Ionizer Detoxification  
Jeffery Smith, MD     Single Treatment $35.00
Dr. Smith Lyme Consult (2½ hours) $338.00   Acupuncture  
Dr. Smith Lyme Follow Up (1½ hour) $199.00   First Visit/Follow Up $99/$80.00
General Office Visit starting at $129.00   Cosmetic or Weight Loss First Visit/Follow-Up $145/$135.00
Chelation/ IV Therapies     Tui Na (Half Hour) $25.00
Chelation (Per Session) $200.00   Customized Bioenergetic Therapies  
Vitamin C Drip, Modified Meyer's Cocktail, Glutathione starting at $100.00   PEMF, Meridian Balancing, Photo Geni, Micropulse, Biomat & more $115-$155.00
Dr Smith OV $129.00   Biofeedback $155.00
UBI/Biophoton     Craniosacral Therapy $60.00
UBI Treatment $175-$225.00   Chiropractic  
UBI with Ozone $200-$400.00   New Evaluation $90.00
Sublingual UBI $60.00   Re-Evaluation $70.00
Ozone hemotherapy $125-$250.00   Adjustment $45.00
Ear/Sinus ozone insufflation $60.00   Cold Laser/LED add-on to Chiropractic Treatment Half-Off
Health Screens     Cold Laser /LED  
Dry & Live Blood Cell Hemographics $190.00   15 min. session/30 min. session $50/$90.00
Live Blood Cell Only $140.00   Healthy Movement©  
Dry Blood Cell Only $99.00   Group Sessions (8-12 people) $30.00 per hour
Biofeedback Computer Scan $39.00   Individual Sessions Half Hour/Hour $40/$70.00
Reams Assessment $59.00   Hypnotherapy $150.00
Breast Thermography     Clinical Nutrition $50.00
Breast Thermography $260.00   Rife Technology  
Full Body Scan $425.00   Treatment, Pro Wave, or Scan $60/hour
Hormone Testing        
Initial Consultation $99.00      
Follow-Up $69.00      

* There is an additional $15.00 charge for a N.A.E.T. guidebook. All new N.A.E.T. clients will need to have Blood Cell Hemographics and a Biofeedback Scan done. Children will only need the Biofeedback Scan.