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Hypnosis helps everyday people with everyday problems. It can be helpful in a broad range of situations, such as pain control, childhood traumas, stress management, and even in enhancing creativity and overall career success.

There is nothing strange or mysterious about hypnosis. It is a state of mind that occurs quite naturally and spontaneously in every human being. We experience hypnosis to some degree every day of our lives. Each time we have been totally absorbed in reading a favorite book, watching a good movie, or even daydreaming, we have spontaneously entered into a mild hypnotic state. Outside distractions no longer compete for our attention and we are much better able to absorb thought and ideas that we feel have special meaning to us. The role of the hypnotherapist is to guide you deeper into that hypnotic state to help bring about the changes in our lives that we most desire.

At no time does a person give up the power of conscience or free will during hypnosis. People never act out suggestions that are contrary to their personal morals or ethics.

In a comparative study published in American Health Magazine, it was reported that people experienced a 93% recovery rate with hypnosis after only 6 sessions, as opposed to a 38% recovery rate after 200 sessions of psychoanalysis and a 72% recovery rate after 22 sessions of behavior therapy.

Healing Arts Center is proud to have accomplished hypnotherapist Jeff Alisch on our staff. He holds a degree in social work from Western Michigan University, is board certified, and specializes in pain management. He studied at the Institute of Transformational Hypnotherapy - a private institute dedicated to advanced hypnotherapy studies and certified by the Michigan Department of Education. Certification in pain management was achieved from the American School of Clinical Hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy can help many different conditions, including the following:

  • Self-confidence
  • Improved memory
  • Smoking cessation
  • Weight loss
  • Improved sports, school, and career performance
  • Painless childbirth
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic pain
  • Stress reduction
  • PTSD
  • Cancer support
  • Fears and phobias

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