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Full-Body Detox Now Available!
Open Your Pathways and get your whole body on track!
3 programs available to fit your lifestyle!
Supervised by our staff nutritionist.

Why should I consider a detox?

Due to our world today, our body gets bombarded with toxins from foods, chemicals, trauma, and stress. Detoxing opens blocked pathways to enhance the body's own natural detoxification through the liver, colon, kidneys, and even skin. It gets the garbage out and better health in!

What improvements will I see?

Many! Improved immune health, weight loss, decrease in headaches and brain fog, decreased fatigue, improved skin, reduced bloating and constipation and/or diarrhea, decreased inflammation, and more energy and mental focus - these are just some of the benefits!

To learn more, schedule a short free consult with our nutritionist Katie W. She will help assess if you are a good candidate and help you select the detox program that is right for you. Time to spring clean our bodies our get to better health!

I have exciting news!

Healing Arts Center has been selected to join Forum Health - the first nationwide network of integrative and functional medicine experts.

While the clinic will still be the same place you know and love, this exclusive partnership will offer you even greater access to advanced treatments, wellness programs, health content, and a collaborative community of practitioners to help you achieve your health goals.

Be on the lookout for new communications, products and services from myself and Forum Health! And also make sure to follow us on Facebook for the latest news and health tips!

As a reminder, we are taking every precaution and closely following CDC guidelines. If you wish to make an appointment, please contact us at 219-510-5623.

Stay healthy and I look forward to sharing more with you in the weeks to come!

Together in wellness,
Renee Kimberling, ND, RN, CNHP

Have Your Hormone Levels Checked

Sleep disruption, fatigue, perimenopause, weight retention, sexual dysfunction, chronic stress…sound familiar? When a problem develops, it can be difficult to determine the cause from symptoms alone. At Healing Arts Center, we utilize a variety of hormone tests to help determine to root cause of your symptoms. A licensed practitioner will create a comprehensive profile and design a treatment plan enabling you to take control of the problem. With accurate information, resolution is possible.

Tests available include adrenal stress, thyroid function, menstrual/infertility cycles, cardiometabolic, sleep balance, sex hormones, weight management, and more.

To get started, schedule an office visit with Dr. Tracey Curtis to identify tests that best address your concerns. An individualized treatment plan can then be created, and you'll be on your way to better health! Call today at 219-510-5623.

The mission of Learning Arts Center is to identify and provide quality health and wellness education for both children and adults, helping them to achieve their full potential.

We address educational needs of children and adults with special needs, as well as provide ongoing support for family members.

We work in the spirit of cooperation with other community health and educational providers to better meet community needs.

We foster volunteer opportunities to strengthen community involvement, support, and mutual understanding.

Speakers Available

If you have a community group interested in speakers for Lyme Awareness, please contact our office. Speakers are free of charge for community service and health awareness.

Speakers are available free of charge for church groups, Rotary Clubs, support groups, or any interested parties on topics such as:

    • Allergy elimination
    • Alternative Health Strategies
    • Acupuncture
    • Various massage techniques to help improve and regain health
    • Meditation
    • Hypnotherapy
    • Herbals and homeopathics
    • Stress Management
    • Healthy eating
    • Emotions and Your Health
    • Pain Management


Call our office at 219-510-5623 for more information!

Important Links

We offer the following links for groups we are affiliated with and for you to get additional information about the services we offer.


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International Association of Reiki Professionals - a method for relaxing and reducing stress

International Lyme and Associated Disease Society

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Mental Health America

N.A.E.T.   Information about Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique

N.A.E.T. Autism Treatment Center - Information about N.A.E.T Autism Treatments

Reflexology Association of America


True Rife


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