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Nutrition/Body Detox

Healing Arts Center is proud to have Katie Wandasiewicz, BS, CH, DTR, on staff as our clinical nutritionist. Katie received her degree from Purdue University and has been dedicated to the principles of quality nutrition for many years. She works one-on-one with clients to solve their greatest nutritional challenges and focuses on diet plans that are clinically proven and scientifically supported - yet tasty and fulfilling! She believes each individual has their own specific needs and helps them find the right plan for them to establish and maintain life-long health and well-being.

Plans for specific concerns include diabetes, inflammation, thyroid, gut issues such as constipation and diarrhea, SIBO, Crohn's, candidiasis, eating disorders, and more. Needs for both children and adults are addressed. Katie also specializes in weight loss issues and can incorporate other modalities such as acupuncture and/or hypnotherapy to help people on their weight loss journey.

Starting off on the right foot with a good whole-body cleanse is often very helpful. At Healing Arts, we offer 3 cleanses - all of which are supervised and supported by Katie throughout the process to help guarantee success:

10 Day Detox - Complete Cleanse pea protein shakes that provide support for healthy digestion and liver detoxification as well as protein, vitamins, minerals, and powerful extracts that support cellular detoxification. In addition, Duo Detox supplements that act as "trash bags" are used to help the liver to pack up and remove excess toxins. Following a focused, healing diet and one visit and a follow-up call with Katie are included. Transform your health and wellness!

5 Week Detox Program - Complete Cleanse pea protein shakes plus Total Reset shakes that soothe and support the GI system. The protein-based formula of Total Reset helps to rebuild gut lining, turn off inflammation, and support the immune system. A focused diet is included to avoid common inflammatory foods and then slowly re-introduce those foods to assess a change in symptoms. Three visits with Katie are included. This is a great way to reset and reboot!

2 Week Clean Start Mild Dietary Cleansing and Detoxifying Program - Supplements and drink mixes to support the natural everyday cleansing of waste from the body. Gently moves intestinal contents through the digestive system and helps maintain natural energy levels while following a focused diet with one visit and a follow-up call with Katie. Get ready to energize and refresh!

Good detox programs give your body the proper vitamins, minerals and support it needs to clear toxic build-up from the body so that you look and feel your best. Benefits of detox include: improved immune system; weight loss; decreased headaches, brain fog and chronic fatigue; healthy and glowing skin; identified food sensitivities; reduced water retention and bloating; healthy digestion; decreased inflammation; and enhanced energy, stamina and mental focus.

For more information on our nutritional services, schedule an office visit with Katie today! Let your journey to better health begin!