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Allergy Relief Therapy

Lorrie Johnson

Lorrie is the CEO of Healing Arts and is also a Reiki Master and Certified Sound Healer.

Allergy Relief Therapy

Renee Kimberling, ND

Dr. Renee is the founding practitioner of Healing Arts and is a board-certified traditional naturopath. She specializes in Allergy Relief Therapy, or ART. Allergies can be the root cause of many chronic health conditions, and through ART allergies of all kinds can be permanently eliminated, restoring health and vitality.

Allergy Relief Therapy

Smita Shah, LAc, CNC

Smita specializes in needleless acupuncture, biofeedback, customized bioenergetic techniques, body sculpting to enhance work with weight loss, and Hyperbaric Treatment.

Allergy Relief Therapy

Jeffery Smith, MD

Dr. Smith has been a general family practitioner for many years and specializes in Lyme disease and treatment of tickborne illnesses.

Allergy Relief Therapy

Toni Spraggins, LMT

Toni is a licensed massage therapist and offers Swedish and deep tissue massage as well as sports and other clinical massage techniques.

Allergy Relief Therapy

Sarah Hampton, LAC

Sarah is our traditional acupuncturist and specializes in East Asian medicine and Chinese herbal medicine.

Allergy Relief Therapy

Jacque Hilbrich

Jacque is an acupuncturist and her treatments incorporate cupping, gua sha, and moxa, as well as nutrition and supplements.

Allergy Relief Therapy

Marilyn Kobza, RN

Marilyn runs our IV therapy center.

Allergy Relief Therapy

Tracey Curtis, DC

Tracey practices chiropractic and also specializes in craniosacral therapy.

To schedule with Tracey Curtis visit:

Allergy Relief Therapy

Maureen Milota, APRN, NP-C

Ms. Milota provides integrative and functional medicine at Healing Arts

To schedule with Ms. Milota visit:

Allergy Relief Therapy

Jim Lane, MT

Jim is a medical technician and specializes in Dry and Live Blood Hemographics.

About Us

Michelle Devine

Medium, Yoga Instructor

Allergy Relief Therapy

Michelle Prosser

Quantum Healing Hypnosis
Technique (QHHT) Practitioner

Allergy Relief Therapy

Nicole Brown

Office Manager

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Healing Arts Center owner and CEO, Lorrie Johnson, sat down for an interview with Tune In host Kealah Parkinson to talk about what Healing Arts is all about.

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