Diagnosis Lyme Disease

I will never forget the feeling I had on December 12, 2017 as I sat in a high level meeting and experienced head and face tingling and wondered what was happening. Later that evening, I began to experience severe lower abdominal pains, fever/chills, and then leg weakness on my back thighs.

The next day, I could not run anymore which frightened me as I ran two miles 3-4 times a week, but yet my legs would not work. This was the beginning of a road I did not realize was ahead of me. Two nights later, I remember taking a hot bath and crying uncontrollably when my husband came in and asked what was wrong and all I could say was that I cannot explain it, but something is very wrong inside and I think I am dying. He sat on the toilet seat with me in the bathroom -as I cried wondering what was happening.

Four horrible days later, I woke up and told him that I could not breathe and felt like someone was standing on my chest along with tingling from the elbows and knees down and wondered if this was a heart attack. He rushed me to the ER where every test was normal other than a slightly elevated white blood cell count and was released several hours later. A follow-up with my primary care physician did not shed any light and after many visits and tests the only diagnosis was that I had a low ejection rate from my gall bladder and it should be removed.

Well, I was not yet ready to give up a part of my body. I thought a second opinion from a renowned hospital would provide me the answers I was in search of to find out what was happening in my body. I went through nine months of every test imaginable with every specialist imaginable to tell me I was as healthy as possibly could be, but yet I still felt like I was dying inside and always had a low grade fever and lost 17 pounds which was a lot for someone fit and active at 5’6″ and 142 pounds. Everyone looked at me like something was wrong with me and I could not explain it. I went through a time of not knowing where I was driving to, what I was doing, or even how to sign my name.

I finally thought that I needed to face the inevitable which was the end was near. I began to put everything in my husband’s name with information on everything from our 28 years of life and put into an envelope called “Life” which looked like a two year old wrote it due to my horrible tremors. We spent our evenings crying and holding each other with our German Shepherd Apollo thinking each night would be the last. However, I refused to give up. With Lyme you have trouble sleeping, so I spent my nights researching what could possibly be wrong with me. I was convinced that I had Lyme Disease and asked my doctor to test me for it which came back negative. Not a surprise to me as I already knew there were many false negatives. Therefore, I found a Lyme Specialist who did a deeper dive with testing to discover I was positive for Lyme and two co-infections.

I was finally grateful to have some answers other than I was going crazy. Other than losing weight, people thought I was looked great on the outside, but I knew I was dying on the inside. I was put on a very strict diet and supplement regimen until I could meet with the Lyme Specialist about my results. Again, not willing to give up I continued to research what else I could do to help with Lyme now that I knew this was the cause of my symptoms and found that foot baths to detox really help and wanted to find something closer to home which is when I found Healing Arts Center and made my first call.

That is when an angel answered the phone, Dr. Renee’ herself, and I explained everything that was going on and she said we can help with more than a foot bath. I said that I already had a Lyme literate doctor and just wanted to supplement my treatment. Not shortly after my first foot bath, I was told by my Lyme literate doctor that I had to learn to live with Lyme and this was now my life. At 47 years old, I was not about to accept that as an answer and then took Dr. Renee’ up on her free consultation for ART. My husband joined me, bless his heart as he had been to so many appointments with me, but when Dr. Renee’ said “Honey you don’t have to learn to live with Lyme you can beat it” his ears perked up, his paper went down, and he said now we are talking.

September 2018 is when I began my road to recovery with Dr. Renee’ and team at Healing Arts Center through ART, chelation, supplements, Rife, and foot baths. It was a complete partnership. She provides treatment and tools, but you have work on your part too. It is not something that happens overnight and can seem frustrating at times, but sticking with it will change your life.

I was officially Lyme free based on my CD57 January 17, 2020. I have never felt better in my life even before getting Lyme. I have so much energy and look back at that envelope scribbled with “Life” and now say to myself and my husband that life is just beginning. Dr. Renee’ and her team are nothing short of angels who work tirelessly to help people such as myself when everyone else wants to give up on them or make them feel like they are crazy. I am here to say as a Lyme survivor please do not give up on yourself and give Dr. Renee’ and her team a chance as they will change your life. There will be ups and there will be downs, but eventually there will be more ups and fewer downs, and then there will be all ups and no downs and you will be amazed. I continue to see Dr. Renee’ being treated with ART to help prevent hereditary health issues. All I ask is please do not give up, hold onto faith, and let Dr. Renee’ and team help as you will never regret it. Life is a journey and health is of the upmost importance. I am grateful for a husband who stood by me through all of this and continues to be supportive of my new health goals. Now, I kiss my husband every night rather than cry and there is not a single night that we do not thank Dr. Renee’ and team every night. What I have learned through my Lyme journey is to not ever give up and your life is priceless.

Krista -Dr. Renee’ patient.

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