Erectile Dysfunction and Infertility

Can you guess what drug is one of the most often prescribed?  You got it!  It’s Viagra!

Erectile Dysfunction (ED), as well as infertility, can be a man’s worst nightmare.  It is true that this problem is becoming more common.  Sperm concentrations have dropped by about 34 percent just in the past 16 years, and they have dropped about 60 percent since 1940.

Testosterone stimulates many metabolic processes in men, such as protein synthesis and muscle growth, bone mass, fat distribution, and hair patterns.  It also helps prevent heart attacks, creates red blood cell mass, and of course aids in sexual function.  Testosterone is an anabolic hormone that naturally promotes muscle growth.  Estrogen, on the other hand, is a catabolic hormone that promotes the breakdown of muscle tissue.  So it is very important for men to normalize the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, but as men age beyond their 30s, the conversion of testosterone to estrogen speeds up.  The result is decreased libido, fatigue, loss of muscle mass, decreased motivation, depression, and increased body fat.

The levels of testosterone also decrease overall as men age.  This can increase risk for heart problems, osteoporosis, and even dementia.  Also, for testosterone to be utilized in the body, it has to be in an unbound state.  Unfortunately, it binds with a sex hormone-binding globular that reduces the amount of active testosterone.  Men over 40 can see about a 40 percent increase in bound testosterone, rendering it useless to perform normal functions.

In addition to problems with testosterone, the problem of poor circulation can also lead to ED.  So many times getting a good physical, including an evaluation of heart health, can help solve ED problems.

There are many things men can avoid in their daily life to help deal with ED as well as infertility.  BPA, phthalates, and other plastic chemicals should also be avoided, as they contain phytoestrogens. Prescription medications such as Propecia, Proscar, and other meds for depression, high blood pressure, and certain heart conditions can also be culprits.

DDT, mercury, uranium, and pesticide and herbicide residues on food can also contribute to the problem, as well as fluorinated water.  Laptops (especially sitting on your lap!) should be avoided.  Even carrying cell phones in your pants can make an impact.  Obesity, dairy products (that can often be loaded with hormones if they are not organic) and smoking are also culprits, as well as consumption of GMO foods.

There are some natural remedies to ED that can be very helpful.  Maca root, for example, increases sperm count, shrinks enlarges prostates, decreases anxiety, and increases libido.  Bee pollen can increase sexual endurance and fertility.  Goji berries are known as the “matrimony vine,” as they increase sperm count.  Passion flower is used the world over for virility.  Zinc is know to enhance  reproduction and sperm motility and formation, as well as testosterone levels.

Men should also avoid hot tubs, wear boxer shorts, avoid caffeine, reduce stress, enjoy regular exercise, and avoid non-organic meats.  Get your 8 hours of sleep and stay hydrated.  Avoid drugs, alcohol, and all known toxins.  Finally, get plenty of omega-3 fats and eat broccoli and cauliflower to help eliminate estrogen.  For more information on treating ED and infertility, talk to your practitioners at Healing Arts Center today!

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