Hair Loss

Many of our clients complain of hair loss. Except for stress­ related fallout, most thinning hair is gradual. It starts long before you are aware of it, often as early as your teens. But the good news is that treating it early can help. There are many causes of hair loss, and this article will examine a few.

Your hair grows in cycles. Some follicles grow while others rest. As you age, regrowth eventually becomes so fine you can’t really see it. Over 25 percent of women over 50 have lost more than half their hair. Over-the­ counter preparations such as Rogaine or LED therapy can help with this.

Genetics also contributes to hair loss, and hair loss genes can be passed down from either parent’s side. Thinning can start at the crown area as early as age 20. Rogaine or LED therapy can help with this type of hair loss as well.

Stress is a big hair-buster. Pregnancy, illness, divorce, or any other major stressor can cause you to shed your resting hair, from 2 to 6 months after the event. This type of hair loss is temporary and will grow back naturally on its own.

Protein deficiencies caused by extreme dieting can also make hair baby fine and dry. Anemia can also cause thinning. A good nutritional consult and balanced diet as well as some lab work may be in order here.

Hormonal imbalance can be a major culprit for hair loss. Thyroid imbalance and perimenopause can increase testosterone levels, which makes hair thinner and weaker. Hormone testing is the best way to get this under control.

And finally, pulling hair can lead to hair loss. Tight styles, like braids or ponytails, can put a lot of tension on hair follicles and literally rip them out. Once they are gone, there is nothing left to produce new hair. Only a hair transplant will help in this situation.

To help with thinning hair, do your best to take care of the hair that you have. Hair masks can provide deep conditioning and prevent tangling and breakage. If your hair is already thinning, apply the mask to the ends only so your hair won’t be weighed down. Boar-bristle brushes are natural and result in fewer rips to the hair. Stay away from metal and stiff nylon brushes. For hair conditioners, choose a body-building formula with moisturizing proteins to prevent drying.

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