Intuitive Medium

Healing Arts Center is proud to offer the services of Michelle Devine as an Intuitive Medium

Intuitive Medium
Intuitive Medium

Michelle has been keenly aware of spiritual energy for most of her life. Her psychic abilities became very evident in her early 20s, and during this same time the evidence of manifesting was undeniable. It wasn’t until she reached her 30s that she realized that the “Other side” was indeed communicating with her.

Michelle has natural clairsentience, claircognizance, clairvoyance, and clairaudience abilities.

Initially, she used these avenues of intuition to help grieving parents. Michelle lost her own daughter in 2009, so she understands the stress and grief that parents undergo after the loss of a child. She works to help them move forward in their lives and provide grounding and healing. Michelle has now broadened her focus and hopes to continue to provide comfort for many different situations. Michelle is also a hospice volunteer.

Before the actual readings occur, she explains to the client that their loved ones will come through to her with different images, sounds, and feelings.  She will share what she is receiving and in turn ask if that information resonates with them.  If it does, she will further pursue it in hopes of receiving true validation for the client.  She also explains that this validation is generally something that only client and the spirit know about.

Michelle also asks her clients to not give her much personal information about their loved ones, because she wants to ensure an authentic message from the spiritual realm. She also asks the client if they would like to hear the broad message that most often comes from either their personal guides or their loved ones.

She also educates the client about something called “psychic amnesia,” where the client draws a blank to the information that is being shared, even though they know exactly what is being said. For this reason, Michelle writes down the important points and then gives this to the client to review afterward. When the emotional aspects of the reading calm down, the client will have a better capacity to remember.

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Readings are scheduled for one hour each and are available during regular office hours by appointment. For more information about Michelle and/or the service she provides, please call our office today! 219-510-5623.

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