IV Therapy / Chelation / Ozone UBI

At Healing Arts Center, we offer a variety of intravenous (IV) treatments that do not require a doctor’s order

IV Therapy
IV Therapy

These treatments are aimed at helping you retain or regain your health and vigor

Energize – Rehydrates the cells to help combat fatigue and lethargy. Enhances full body function.

Reboot – Decreases recovery time and enhances physical performance.

Immunity – Enhances the immune system, helps prevent illness and restore essential vitamin and energy levels to keep the body healthy all year long.

Meyer Cocktails – Contain essential vitamins and minerals to give nutritional support while bypassing the gut to prevent irritation.

In addition to the IVs above, Healing Arts also offers specialized IV therapy that does require a doctor’s order:

Chelation is used for the removal of heavy metals from the body tissues, helping relieve chronic pain, those with heart conditions and diabetic complications.

Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI) allows for a cascade of healing for both acute and chronic infections, auto-immune diseases, cancer, and degenerative diseases.  Oftentimes, this can be combined with Ozone to enhance its effect.

High Dose Vitamin C helps boost the immune system and helps prevent and fight both acute and chronic infections, including cancer.

IV Ozone promotes the body’s natural regeneration and healing through increased oxygenation.  Effectively fights cancer, various viral and bacterial infections, inflammation, and improves circulation.

SOT (Supportive Oligonucleotide Techniqueis a highly effective, specialized, and individualized IV therapy that aids the body in overcoming bacterial and viral infections.

An office visit with Dr. Jeffery Smith is needed to schedule the IVs requiring a doctor’s order.

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