Massage & Reflexology

Massage can help with accidents, repetitive actions, and everyday stresses can lead to tension and pain in our bodies, restricting both our movements and activities


Massage is both a gentle and effective therapy for relieving discomfort and getting our lives back to normal. Massage is often thought of as a luxury and a “special treat” reserved for elite spas. In actuality, massage keeps our healthy bodies strong and flexible and aids compromised bodies in regaining ease of movement. Overall, it decreases muscle tension, increases circulation, and calms the nervous system.

The result is a cascade of physical and mental benefits that can help alleviate a wide variety of conditions, including:

  • Stress = relieving stress gives you more energy, improves your outlook and has even been shown to decrease the likelihood of injury and illness.
  • Tight and painful muscles = massage works gently on the nervous system, sending messages to muscles throughout the body to let go and relax.
  • Post-exercise soreness – vigorous exercise can release waste products in the body as well as cause microscopic muscle tears.  Massage helps cleanse tissues of irritating waste and bring in oxygen to speed recovery.
  • Injuries = massage helps reduce swelling and inflammation by helping to remove wastes and by carrying healing nutrition to injured cells.
  • Secondary pain = massage can relieve secondary pain such as headaches from eyestrain and backaches during pregnancy.
  • Fluid retention = Massage increases circulation and helps drain tissues of excess fluid accumulation.

Healing Arts Center
 offers the massage services by highly experienced Toni Spraggins.  Toni specializes in deep tissue and Swedish massage, sports massage, trigger point therapy, hot stone, pregnancy, oncology, and lymphatic massage.  She offers 30, 60, and 90 minute sessions.

Toni also offers reflexology.  Reflexology is not simply a “really good foot massage.”  Reflexology is a very ancient art with pictographs even found on the walls of pharaoh’s tombs showing physician administering reflexology to the king.

Reflexology can actually be administered on the feet or hands.  People have over 7000 nerve endings in their feet alone.  All the body’s organs, glands, and skeletal structures are represented in the feet as well as the hands.  It is a literal road map to the entire human body!  By applying gentle pressure to these points, the practitioner is able to either stimulate or calm organs and glands, depending on what the body needs at that time.

Reflexology is offered as a stand-alone service or can be incorporated with any massage session.

Massage and reflexology can become a lifetime ally in maintaining your ongoing good health.  Feel free to consult with our therapist regarding which techniques would be most helpful to you.

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